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Thoughts On Yesterday’s Election Results

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance watched yesterday’s local election results roll in with much interest and anticipation. At stake were a list of propositions that will impact Flagstaff for years to come as well as key races that were very important to the issues we care about. Unfortunately, voters chose a different outcome on most local races than we would have liked. This means that we have our work cut out for us in the coming years if we want to maintain and protect liberty in Northern Arizona.

We were especially disappointed that our strongest ally at the City, Flagstaff Councilman Jeff Oravits, lost his seat. Oravits has been a consistent advocate for liberty causes and played a key role in reducing restrictions on urban farming, getting City meetings streamed and posted for transparency, and supplying police officers with body cameras to protect both police officers and citizens. His advocacy and willingness to listen to citizen’s concerns and ideas will be sorely missed.

We were also very disappointed that former Flagstaff Liberty Alliance President Christine Gannon lost her race for Coconino County Supervisor District 3. Gannon would have brought a much needed liberty perspective to the County Board. Like Oravits at the City, she would have been a strong supporter of government transparency, urban farming and responsible spending.

Finally, we were disappointed that voters went the opposite direction on just about every proposition we endorsed and opposed. Some of these propositions carry unintended consequences that are a big threat to economic freedom and stability in the City of Flagstaff. Non-profit organizations will especially be hit hard by the passage of Proposition 414. Some Non-profits and businesses will be closing or moving out of town.

What this all means is that we have our work cut out for us in the coming years. Making a difference is never easy and we have to keep pushing and fighting for what we believe in. As these local changes go into effect, one thing stays the same: Flagstaff Liberty Alliance will be following City Council and County Board meetings closely and working tirelessly to protect your rights.

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