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FLA Statement Opposing Misuse Of BBB Funds By The CVB


Flagstaff Liberty Alliance opposes the misuse of BBB funds by the Flagstaff Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. The BBB tax was created to provide revenue to be used to advertise the City of Flagstaff to parties outside Flagstaff. All advertisement campaigns used should  be direct and easily understood, without being displayed in such a way that could mar the image of Flagstaff.

The broadly condemned street graphic at Aspen and Leroux is a misuse of BBB revenue. This $11,000 street graphic does not directly advertise Flagstaff to outside parties. Also, placing a symbol of Flagstaff on a street to be driven over, cheapens the image of Flagstaff to the public instead of elevating the city’s profile.

No BBB funds should be used on abstract or indirect advertisement campaigns.  Flagstaff Liberty Alliance strongly compels the Flagstaff Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to only use  BBB funds on advertisement campaigns and strategies that have already proven effective. An experimental advertisement campaign, could prove effective, but that type of risk should be exclusive to the private sector.

In addendum, Flagstaff Liberty Alliance would support a potential voter referendum to reduce or remove the BBB sales tax. We will continue to monitor how BBB funds are used and re-evaluate our stance on the matter as we head into 2028 when the tax is scheduled to sunset. We expect to see the Flagstaff Convention and Visitor’s Bureau return to using BBB funds only for their original, intended purpose. These funds have one simple mission; to advertise Flagstaff to outside parties, using direct and easily understood messaging, that is displayed or showcased in as aesthetic a manner as possible.  There should be no deviation from this formula.


June FLA Meeting Campaign Spotlight 2016 With Josh Collier & Jonathan Apirion

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance will be holding our June meeting at the Exchange Pub located at the Weatherford in downtown Flagstaff on June 15th at 6:00 PM. The Exchange Pub is on the first floor.

Our first guest speaker for this meeting is Josh Collier, candidate for the Coconino County Board of Supervisors District 4.

Collier is running on a platform of liberty, transparency and fiscal responsibility.

You can find his facebook campaign page here:


Our second guest speaker will be County Attorney candidate Jonathan Apirion. Apirion will be speaking about his campaign and the following topics:

An overview of the legal issues surrounding HB 2608, our efforts to have it voided and some thoughts on how third parties might more effectively head off such legislation in the future.

The Arizona Libertarian Party plan to increase Libertarian registration in the immediate future and coordinate the campaigns of several write in candidates for this election cycle.

An overview of his Libertarian perspectives on criminal law and related subjects.

You can find Apirion’s website here:


Be sure to bring any questions you have for the candidates.

At this meeting we will also be discussing upcoming events and opportunities to get involved as well as legislative updates.

As always, our meetings are open to the public so please invite your friends and bring your family. Kids are always welcome.

FLA Issues New Statement On Party Ordinance

At their March 14th Flagstaff Liberty Alliance board meeting, the FLA Board of Directors voted to approve the following statement on Flagstaff’s recent party ordinance. This statement will be submitted to the Flagstaff City Council when they revisit the ordinance on April 12th at 6:00 pm. The statement reads as follows:

“Although there may be legitimate need to address problems with large gatherings in the Flagstaff area, Flagstaff Liberty Alliance has some concerns with the current language and enforcement of this ordinance. We are asking for the following changes to be made:

1. Language added that ensures people will not be charged both civilly and criminally. While it would be double jeopardy to charge someone twice for the same crime, we are still concerned that this ordinance allows individuals to be charged civilly and criminally for two different crimes at the same party. While a criminal charge is very specific in nature, the civil charge under this ordinance is vaguely written and open to interpretation and an officer’s discretion.

2. Language added that is more specific about what constitutes a civil violation. If an individual is at a gathering, how do they ensure that they are not contributing to a nuisance since the ordinance language is vague and open to interpretation? The current unclear language, which was purposely written into this ordinance, will discourage people from exercising their right to assemble; especially low income individuals who cannot afford the excessive fines.

3. The probationary period changed back to its original 90 days instead of 120. We feel 120 days is excessive and will lead to over-enforcement of this ordinance with $500 second and $1,000 third offense fines being levied to individuals, property owners and businesses.

4. The number of people constituting a nuisance party be increased from 5 people up to 15 to better reflect the ordinances stated goals. From the beginning, we’ve been told this ordinance is needed to address LARGE parties so it should have language to reflect that.

With a few changes and clarifications, we believe that this ordinance can be beneficial and acceptable for all. We ask that you support making these changes tonight.”

If you have an opinion on this ordinance, we encourage you to make your voice heard by attending and speaking at the April 12th meeting or emailing the Flagstaff City Council at council@flagstaffaz.gov 

Official Flagstaff Community Forum

The City of Flagstaff recently partnered with Peak Democracy to create a Community Forum for public feedback on key City issues. This forum is now live and accepting public participation on a variety of topics on the City website. New topics will be posted as they come up so check back often. Public feedback on this forum will be used to help direct City policy in the future and your feedback is very important. 

If you live in the Northern Arizona area we encourage you to sign up and make your voice heard. You can sign up and provide input at the following link: 


FLA Statement On Revisiting Flagstaff’s Overreaching Party Ordinance

Near the end of their 6:00 pm meeting on October 6th, the Flagstaff City Council will be considering a future agenda item request submitted by NAU students to revisit Flagstaff’s recently passed party ordinance.  If you have concerns about this ordinance, we encourage you to show up to council and fill out a written or speaking comment card. If you cannot make it to the meeting, please contact the entire Flagstaff City Council at council@flagstaffaz.gov with your thoughts.

Below is Flagstaff Liberty Alliance’s statement supporting the future agenda item request:

“Flagstaff Liberty Alliance supports the Future Agenda Item Request submitted by NAU students who are concerned about Flagstaff’s recently passed Nuisance Party Ordinance. While this ordinance was written with students in mind, it was passed in May when most students were out of town and could not voice their opinions to council. The students have valid concerns and have provided a list of sensible changes that they would like to see in the Ordinance language.

We believe that there are serious problems with the ordinance as it is currently written and encourage the Flagstaff City Council and the Flagstaff Police Department to sit down with students and rights groups and work toward a consensus on a better ordinance. We understand that a nuisance ordinance may be needed to address real problems. At the same time we want to make sure that the ordinance does not target specific groups of people as well as innocent individuals who are simply at a location where a gathering is taking place.

We ask that you please put this item on a future agenda and consider changes that protect the rights of all Flagstaff residents…including students.”


Support Urban Farming? We Need You!

Hey everyone,

On Tuesday, September 15th the Flagstaff City Council will be taking public comment on very positive changes to the animal keeping part of the City Code. The agenda for this meeting is out and Animal Keeping will be near the beginning of the 6:00 pm meeting.

I watched last Tuesday’s meeting where council heard a very brief outline of the proposed changes and found it concerning that a couple council members seemed bothered that the changes gave people too much freedom to raise chickens and other small animals for food.

That’s why I’m asking for your help. We need as many people as possible to show up to council on September 15th and let them know that Northern Arizona supports urban farming and the right to raise food for ourselves and our families. If you attend, you can fill out a comment or speaking card and your thoughts will be part of the official record.

I know many of you live in the County and County residents need to get involved and make your voices heard as well. The County is considering similar changes and are waiting to see how Flagstaff’s changes are received first. If the Flagstaff City Council rejects these changes then the County could stop pursuing their positive changes as well. County residents can speak or submit comments at council meetings and while their comments are not given as much weight as residents, Council does listen.

For those who cannot make it to the September 15th meeting, please send an email to the Flagstaff City Council letting them know your thoughts on urban farming and animal keeping. You can email the entire council at: council@flagstaffaz.gov

For those who can make it, the meeting will be held on September 15th at 6:00 pm in the Council Chambers. Flagstaff Liberty Alliance will be there reading our official statement.

See you Tuesday!

In liberty,

Elisha Dorfsmith


Flagstaff Liberty Alliance


FLA Statement On Animal Keeping Changes To The City Code

UPDATE: public comment on this item has been moved to September 15th at 6:00 pm.

The Flagstaff City Council will be considering a variety of positive changes to the animal keeping part of the City Code at their September 15th meeting. This meeting will start at 6:00 pm and will be held in the Council Chambers. We encourage all Flagstaff residents to show up to express their support for urban farming and the rights of individuals to raise food for themselves and their families.

The official Flagstaff Liberty Alliance statement on these changes is below:

“Flagstaff Liberty Alliance is excited to see the Flagstaff City Council considering very positive changes to the Animal Keeping part of the City Code. Easing restrictions on urban farming, while at the same time including common sense measures to protect neighbors, shows that this is a balanced ordinance that takes into account the interests and concerns of all residents.

Our organization has been advocating self sustainability and easing restrictions on people’s ability to raise food for themselves and their families for quite some time. We feel these proposed changes are a big step in the right direction and we encourage the Flagstaff City Council to move this ordinance forward.”

Declutter For Liberty–FLA Yard Sale Fundraiser

Find peace, happiness, and liberty through decluttering your home!

Since 2012 Flagstaff Liberty Alliance has relied primarily on donations made by its members and the public. We have been able to accomplish so much with very little. This year, we are looking forward to increasing our presence in the Flagstaff community. In order to do this, we will be hosting our first annual yard sale fundraiser!

Setting aside the time to raise funds at a specific event will allow the organization to spend the rest of the year focusing on promoting liberty and preserving civil freedoms. With your help, we will raise money to purchase equipment that will enable FLA to take the next step.

Our wish list includes items that will help promote the organization: a logo-printed tent, a logoed event table cover, a serger to better make the t-shirt bags we are known for, and several A-fram event signs.

We are asking for your help by donating items to be sold at the yard sale! Donations can be dropped off Friday, August 7th or prior to 8am August 8th at 2920 N. 3rd St in Flagstaff. Anything that you would like to see go to a new, good home is welcome! If you are interested in donating your time, we are looking for volunteers to come early on Saturday to help set up the event.

Any items left over from the event will be donated to a Flagstaff-based thrift store.

If you have any questions, or are interested in signing up to volunteer, please contact us via email or on Facebook.

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance Ad

Spreading the word about Flagstaff Liberty Alliance helps our organization grow and allows us to have a bigger impact in our community. Please share this 40 second FLA ad with your friends in Northern Arizona and encourage them to get involved and make a difference.


Flagstaff Liberty Alliance Fighting For Your Rights

This week the Arizona Daily Sun highlighted Flagstaff Liberty Alliance’s fight against Flagstaff’s recently approved overreaching party ordinance.

From the AZDS story:

“The changes were approved by a 6-1 vote on May 19 despite concerns raised by Councilmember Jeff Oravits and members of the Flagstaff Liberty Alliance. They will go into effect on June 19.”

The article goes on to say:

“Josh Collier of the Flagstaff Liberty Alliance, who represented the organization’s view at the May Council meeting, said the language in the changes was too broad and could allow police to crack down on anyone attending a nuisance party. The language should be tailored to affect those who are causing the nuisance rather than everyone who might be at a party, he said.

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance also objected to party goers being hit with a civil fine from the ordinance and possibly a criminal citation for actions such as supplying alcohol to minors, Collier said. It wasn’t fair to charge someone with both a civil and criminal violation.

You can read the entire article here:


Flagstaff liberty alliance is dedicated to protecting your rights and freedom. Whenever issues that affect your liberty come up at City Council and County Board of Supervisor meetings we will be there making our voice heard.