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Janis Crosman

CrosmanCandidate for Coconino County Board of Supervisors District 4

01. How long have you lived in Coconino County and how deep are your roots here?

I have lived here 45 years and plan to remain forever. I served 8 years on the County Planning and Zoning Commission and both Doney Park Planning committees so I have invested my life in service to Coconino County.

02. What is the biggest problem facing Coconino County? If elected what will you do to address this problem and how will you pay for your solution?

One of the biggest problems is mandates from the state which are unfunded and then they sweep county funds aggravating our ability to provide mandated and other services. I don’t know that there is a solution at this time without a change of political structure or legislation.

03. Is there anything the County is currently doing that you feel goes beyond the proper role of County government? Are there services you feel the County should provide that it is not providing already?


04. Recognizing that when businesses thrive, our community thrives, what are your plans to create an environment that businesses can grow in?

My husband and I have successfully operated our business of Clear Aire Audio here for 40 years so I believe that the appropriate environment exists now. I think the county should pursue new ideas to nurture business growth on the reservations and promote Coconino County as a great place to explore the natural environment.

05. What are your feelings about mandating a living wage and how do you think it will impact local businesses and the County?

I think we do need a higher wage; having worked many years as a restaurant server and needing to work two jobs just to survive. Our company has always paid much higher than the minimum wage. I don’t have all the facts to decide what the magic number should be.

06. Should the County spend tax dollars to sue the State or Federal government when they pass laws the County does not agree with?

Yes, when those laws usurp our ability to function in the best interests of our citizens.

07. Polls show that the cost of housing is a big concern for Flagstaff residents. Is there anything the County should be doing to foster more affordable housing?

I would like to see an opportunity for some new mobile home communities within the existing minimum density zoning requirements. This is a great way to encourage young families to start on the path of home ownership as they grow their life in our community.

08. How do you respond to concerns about the Sheriff’s department becoming militarized? Would you vote to accept DHS and other grants to provide military equipment to the Sheriff’s department?

I think our sheriff’s department does a great job under difficult conditions of a very large geographical footprint and very limited budgets. I personally do not wish to see the department become more militarized but I would want discourse with the sheriff and deputies before I would comment what is appropriate for them to do their job. I trust them to keep us all safe.

09. What are your thoughts on the recently passed Animal Keeping code? Do you think it is important to promote and encourage local food and urban farming in Coconino County?

I ardently support local food and urban farming. I am a master gardener with 800 square feet of raised bed gardens. I practice rainwater catchment from my roof. I have an approved on site wastewater treatment plant for landscape use. On the other hand my neighborhood has experienced blatant abuse of animal keeping (cows) creating unsafe, unsanitary and obnoxious intrusions into the comfort and enjoyment of our homes and yards. It was akin to a stockyard on 2 1/2 acres – more animals than could be counted. So I fervently support reasonable controls and limits on the number of animals and odors, flies, etc. associated with farming and farming activities.

10. How important do you think symbolic nonbinding resolutions are to conducting the business of the County? Should the County Board spend time and resources addressing these issues?

I would need to have some specifics to answer this question.