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FLA Will Have A Booth At Earth Day And Upcoming Art Walks

Last night the Flagstaff Liberty Alliance Board of Directors held our January meeting to discuss activities and events for 2017. Monthly meetings are still on the back burner since there appears to be a lack of interest in the community for a monthly get together. If/When we do bring them back, we may start meeting somewhere other than downtown since parking meters are going in and it may be too costly for some people to attend. If you have an opinion on monthly meetings and meeting locations, we’d love to hear from you.

We also confirmed at our meeting that we will once again have a booth at Flagstaff’s Earth Day festivities in Heritage Square. Additionally, we plan to be part of the First Friday Art Walk downtown once the weather starts warming up. These will be great opportunities for outreach and community networking and we’d love for you to participate. Stay tuned for updates as these events get closer.


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