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FLA Statement On Revisiting RV & Boat Zoning Codes

Near the end of the 6:00 pm Flagstaff City Council meeting on October 4th, council will be making a decision on whether or not to reconsider recently passed changes in the zoning code that impact boats, trailers and RVs. Flagstaff Liberty Alliance supports revisiting the code and making changes that protect private property rights. Our official statement on this issue is as follows:

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance supports revisiting the City’s zoning code regarding trailers, RV’s and boats. There are several unintended consequences in this code that were not considered when restrictions were initially approved. Many law abiding citizens became law breakers overnight, with limited options for compliance.

Much like Flagstaff’s recently passed party ordinance and rejected Property Maintenance Ordinance, we were told that this ordinance would only be enforced on a complaint driven basis. What the City failed to take into account was individuals going around neighborhoods turning all of their neighbors in. This is happening now and the unfortunate result is that many Flagstaff residents are being harassed and cited.

We believe a balance can and needs to be found that protects the health and safety of neighborhoods, while at the same time protecting the basic rights of property owners. Parking your own vehicles on your own land should accompany basic property rights and we encourage the Flagstaff City Council to make changes to this code to ensure that it does.

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