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FLA Statement Opposing Misuse Of BBB Funds By The CVB


Flagstaff Liberty Alliance opposes the misuse of BBB funds by the Flagstaff Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. The BBB tax was created to provide revenue to be used to advertise the City of Flagstaff to parties outside Flagstaff. All advertisement campaigns used should  be direct and easily understood, without being displayed in such a way that could mar the image of Flagstaff.

The broadly condemned street graphic at Aspen and Leroux is a misuse of BBB revenue. This $11,000 street graphic does not directly advertise Flagstaff to outside parties. Also, placing a symbol of Flagstaff on a street to be driven over, cheapens the image of Flagstaff to the public instead of elevating the city’s profile.

No BBB funds should be used on abstract or indirect advertisement campaigns.  Flagstaff Liberty Alliance strongly compels the Flagstaff Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to only use  BBB funds on advertisement campaigns and strategies that have already proven effective. An experimental advertisement campaign, could prove effective, but that type of risk should be exclusive to the private sector.

In addendum, Flagstaff Liberty Alliance would support a potential voter referendum to reduce or remove the BBB sales tax. We will continue to monitor how BBB funds are used and re-evaluate our stance on the matter as we head into 2028 when the tax is scheduled to sunset. We expect to see the Flagstaff Convention and Visitor’s Bureau return to using BBB funds only for their original, intended purpose. These funds have one simple mission; to advertise Flagstaff to outside parties, using direct and easily understood messaging, that is displayed or showcased in as aesthetic a manner as possible.  There should be no deviation from this formula.


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