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Council Meeting On Flagstaff Living Wage This Tuesday

On Tuesday, February 14th at 6:00 PM the Flagstaff City Council will be holding a public hearing on Proposition 414 (Flagstaff’s $15 wage) and then voting on possibly holding a May special election to amend the law.

If council supports a special election, voters will have an opportunity to again revisit the $15 wage in May before 414 becomes law in July of this year. If council rejects the special election, the changes will be on the November, 2018 ballot, well after Proposition 414 goes into effect.

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance has not taken an official position on revisiting proposition 414 but before the November 8th, 2016 election we had this to say:

“Living Wage

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance is recommending a NO vote on Proposition 206 and Proposition 414. The minimum wage is generally an entry-level wage for beginning workers with no skills. The reality of the labor market is that a large majority of previously unskilled workers earn more than the minimum wage as soon as they acquire minimal jobs skills and work habits and can demonstrate their value to employers. Furthermore, a mandatory living wage criminalizes employers who are willing to hire those individuals who voluntarily and freely offer their labor at a price lower than the government mandated minimum. It is imperative to note that the unintended consequences of these propositions are far reaching. Small businesses and nonprofits on a shoestring budget will be hit much harder than large businesses who can absorb the cost. Mandating a one size fits all “solution” will eliminate entry level jobs, increase costs and hurt many of the people these laws are supposed to help.”

If you have an opinion on the proposed special election revisiting proposition 414, please consider attending Tuesday’s council meeting and expressing your thoughts. If you cannot attend, you can email the entire Flagstaff City Council at: council@flagstaffaz.gov

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