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Coconino County Approves Body Cameras For Sheriff’s Department

This week the Coconino County Board of Supervisors approved funding for body cameras for the Coconino County Sheriff’s Department. As today’s edition of the Arizona Daily Sun reports:

“The Sheriff’s Office is still crafting its policies for the cameras, but they will generally require that the devices be turned on for all enforcement and investigative contacts, including traffic violations, and any situations that may be criminal or adversarial in nature, the sheriff said.”

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance has been advocating for body cameras for all Northern Arizona law enforcement for several years. Accountability leads to respect and we believe body cams have proven to be a win win for everyone in municipalities that have adopted them.

Of course, body cameras only work when they are actually used. The Flagstaff Police Department has had several issues where body cameras failed, were not turned on or were actually turned off during high profile incidents. Now is the time to contact the supervisors/ sheriff’s office and tell them to make sure they get it right. They’re writing the policy now and need to put penalties for turning off or failing to use cameras into the policy.

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