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Bruce SallCandidate for Coconino County Board of Supervisors District 2

01. How long have you lived in Coconino County and how deep are your roots here?

13 years-I’m staying.

02. What is the biggest problem facing Coconino County? If elected what will you do to address this problem and how will you pay for your solution?

Fix the roads-cut useless programs.

03. Is there anything the County is currently doing that you feel goes beyond the proper role of County government? Are there services you feel the County should provide that it is not providing already?

Get movie productions to film here. They pay landowners very well.

04. Recognizing that when businesses thrive, our community thrives, what are your plans to create an environment that businesses can grow in?

Cut taxes and welcome new business.

05. What are your feelings about mandating a living wage and how do you think it will impact local businesses and the County?

No mandating anything-that doesn’t help business.

06. Should the County spend tax dollars to sue the State or Federal government when they pass laws the County does not agree with?

No. States rights will be here if Rs. win.

07. Polls show that the cost of housing is a big concern for Flagstaff residents. Is there anything the County should be doing to foster more affordable housing?

The State is working on that.

08. How do you respond to concerns about the Sheriff’s department becoming militarized? Would you vote to accept DHS and other grants to provide military equipment to the Sheriff’s department?


09. What are your thoughts on the recently passed Animal Keeping code? Do you think it is important to promote and encourage local food and urban farming in Coconino County?

Land owners should decide such thing.

10. How important do you think symbolic nonbinding resolutions are to conducting the business of the County? Should the County Board spend time and resources addressing these issues?

The County needs to stay out of such issues.